Ante Sundaraniki fails to cover Nani’s paycheck

Ante Sundaraniki fails to cover Nani’s paycheck

Natural stars Nani, Nazriya and Vivek Athreya who made up the story of Sundar and Leela’s interfaith love affair and the couples’ struggle to convince their parents through a series of lies are said to have impressed Telugu audiences and been open to positive reviews from critics. But receipts of Ante Sundaraniki at the box office are not satisfactory.


The romantic comedy drama was released on 10th June 2022 and earned Rs 12 cr worth of shares from both Telugu states – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in 10 days. Nani’s star will almost complete her theatrical activity by the end of the second weekend. Sources say the theatrical receipts from the Ante Sundaraniki movie don’t even cover Nani’s salary. Nani received Rs 15 Cr as remuneration for playing the lead role in Ante Sundaraniki.

On the other side, Nani’s star Ante Sundaraniki still has a decent hold on the US market and has already crossed the $1 million mark. Till date, the film has hit $0.1.07 million in the United States.

Ante Sundaraniki:

1st week: $995,756

Fri: $29,122

Saturday: $35,666

Sun: 20k

Total: $0.1.07 million

The romantic family drama, Ante Sundaraniki, which is supposed to be a laugh riot, fell flat at the box office, despite being funny.

Nadiya, Harsha Vardhan, Rohini, VN Naresh Rahul Ramakrishna, Srikanth Iyengar, Sai Ronak, Prudhvi Raj and Azhugham Perumal are also part of Nani’s starring role.


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