Bonus Payout Deadline: How to Request $750 Checks by July 22


Jhe deadline is fast approaching for when Americans in Minnesota can no longer pretend a check for up to $750.

This US benefit plan was promulgated on April 30 by Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota, to make $500 million in direct payments available to citizens to help with the cost of living.

How much do stimulus checks cost in Minnesota?

It was thought that, given the number of people who would sign up, the bonuses were worth $750 for each frontline worker.

However, the size of the payment is expected to decrease. With each additional person who signs up, the money has to be split among several individual applicants.

Minnesota had estimated that 667,000 workers would be eligible for payments, which would mean $750 each.

The governor, however, warned that it could drop to $500 or even less as the state has received more than 900 applications.

“I’m here to try and get as many people as possible on the understanding that it will reduce payment for individuals, but these families need it,” Mr Walz said at a State Capitol press conference.

Who is Eligible for a Frontline Worker Check in Minnesota?

Eligibility for payments was quite specific. It was for front-line employees who worked at least 120 hours between March 15, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

In terms of eligible professions, there were: long-term health care and home care, general health care, emergency responders, public health, social services, courts and corrections, child care, school workers, food service, public transit and more.

Another condition is that you must not have received unemployment benefits for more than 20 weeks.

What is the deadline for Minnesota frontline worker checks?

Applications for these payments opened on June 8, 2022 and will remain open until the deadline, which is Friday July 22, 2022.

Eligible workers who worked during the height of the pandemic can apply online with the state.


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