Convicted murderer William Darby still earns a salary from the police


Alabama Police Department continues to pay the salary of an officer who was convicted of murder in May for shooting a suicidal man in the face with a shotgun, reported Thursday.

According to the report, the officer William Ben Darby, who is currently at large awaiting a sentencing hearing, remains employed by the Huntsville Police Department even though his law enforcement certificate was withdrawn after a jury recognized him unanimously guilty of murdering a 49-year-old man. Jeffery Parker in April 2018.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the outlet was able to obtain documents showing that, for the past two months, Darby had been on sick leave under the federal Family Leave Act. and medical (FMLA), a labor law ensuring job protection. and unpaid leave for the qualified family and medical needs of employees. These records show that Darby received a pre-tax paycheck for $ 2,162 every two weeks. also discovered that a message sent by the Huntsville Police Chief Mark McMurrayemail account asking employees to give time off to an unidentified employee who suffered from an unidentified medical condition. The email was sent on May 20, the same day the City of Huntsville announced that Darby had been put on leave.

“We have an employee who would like to be given time off but chose to leave his name and medical condition out of request,” the email read. “If you would like to donate Leave, please complete the attached Leave Donation Request Form for an anonymous recipient and submit it to my office for processing. “

The publication said Darby, who was sentenced on May 7, appears to be the anonymous employee. However, McMurray told he did not know the identity of the employee and denied sending the email. When shown that the email was sent from his account, McMurray said it could have been sent by his secretary.

Speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, a 20-year veteran of the department told that the email was the first time-donation request to a colleague he had seen at the during his career.

As previously reported by Law & Crime, McMurray criticized the jury’s unanimous decision to convict Darby in May, saying he did not believe Darby was a murderer.

“Officers are forced to make split-second decisions every day, and Officer Darby believed his life and the lives of other officers were in danger. Any situation that involves loss of life is tragic. Our hearts go out to everyone involved. “

Officer Genisha pegs testified at trial that she and the officer Justin beckles arrived at Parker’s home before Darby arrived at the scene. Pegues saw Parker holding a gun to his head. She said she tried to “defuse the situation” while “standing in a doorway,” Huntsville-affiliated CBS, WHNT. reported during a synopsis of the testimony (we are quoting the TV channel, not the verbatim testimony). His gun was “drawn but not pointed at Parker”.

Darby arrived with a shotgun. According to Pegues, Darby “shouted at Parker to drop his gun” and “shouted at him to point his gun at Parker,” the report continued (again, citing the station, not the testimonial).

Body camera images cited by indicated that Darby had ordered Pegues to “point your fucking gun at him”.

“Pegues said Parker remained calm after Darby’s arrival and kept his gun pointed at his own head,” the TV station continued. “She testified that she told Parker to lower his gun because she didn’t want anything to happen to her, and Darby shot her in the face seconds later.”

Darby said in an official statement to his ministry that he initially believed Pegues did not have adequate cover and did not protect himself properly. He said in this internal interview that he wasn’t going to “guess” his actions. Body camera footage showed he was only in the house for 11 seconds before firing the fatal shot.

Parker’s estate is currently suing Darby and the city in a wrongful death lawsuit. is the shared website of three Alabama newspapers: the Birmingham News, the Huntsville Hours, and the Press-Registration from Mobile.

Aaron Keller contributed to this report.

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