Ed Gainey – CBS Pittsburgh


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Passionate mayor Ed Gainey unveiled his plan on Friday to reduce gun violence in the city.

Under the shade of sunny skies on National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Gainey told a media rally at the Beltzhoover Community Center how his administration would help make Pittsburgh safer.

Complete with an easel and poster boards, Introducing Gainey focused on several key points. He talked about enforcing the right laws and targeting the most serious threats to public safety. He also said his team would practice “targeted deterrents” for the small number of Pittsburgh felons who commit the most serious crimes. He said Pittsburgh police would target about 200 people, divided into eight or 10 groups, in about a dozen locations.

“The (officers’) commitment to this city is invaluable, and we appreciate your hard work and dedication,” Gainey said. “It is time to address violence as a public health problem, preventable and treatable.”

Gainey said his plan was developed based on scientific research and community input, among other factors. An outside consulting firm is studying police-community relations in Pittsburgh and will provide its findings in several months, and likely inform adjustments to the plan it rolled out Friday.

“By measuring outcomes, we’ll be able to trace problems back to (their) root causes,” Gainey said. “Our plan for peace will not produce results overnight. We are all going to have to come together to help.”

Gainey began his press conference by referring Sunday’s fatal shooting of 18-month-old De’Avry Thomas.

“These are our children,” he said. “It’s our town.”

The mayor went on to say he hopes his crime reduction plan can become “a model for the rest of America.”

“Peace is the responsibility of all of us,” he said. “I am committed to it. I am committed to public safety.”


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