Fans explode with excitement to see George Pickens finally return


Georgia football fans have been waiting all season to see No.1 wide receiver George Pickens return to the pitch and play.

After tearing the ACL in the spring, he wasn’t sure Pickens would take a snap this year, but he officially returned in the final game of the regular season against Georgia Tech.

Rumors of his return have been circulating in the Dawg Nation for some time. Fans’ dreams finally came true this week as Georgia put Pickens on her debut record.

He wasn’t targeted on the pitch, but it was still amazing to see him there.

George Pickens returned to the pitch against Tech and the fans went wild.

Pickens is Georgia’s best spreader, and he’s someone they missed being able to use all year round. Now that he’s back, of course, it will take some time for him to regain his full play speed, but progress is vital.

Once fans realized that yes, this is No. 1 on the pitch, Twitter and Dawg Nation lost their minds. Here are some of the best tweets from their reaction to Pickens’ return.

Everyone is extremely excited to see the big wide receiver come back on the field and play journalists to the fans. Will he be targeted and receive a bullet? Only time will tell, but seeing him run on roads and in full pads is a step in the right direction.

By bringing him back right away, it’s really the perfect timing. The Dawgs need him 100% for the Alabama game next week because Georgia needs to be as healthy as they can be to beat the Tide.

Georgia has wideouts that have intensified in his absence, but he’s one of those wide receivers that speaks for himself. He has so much talent. It is almost not fair. If Pickens can contribute a small amount, it will be beneficial.

The Dawgs love having George Pickens healthy and able to play because he makes a difference. One of the last memories we have against him was against Cinncinati and the great fight he had with the Tech player. While it’s not Kirby Smart football, it has happened, and it was fantastic for the sake of the rivalry.


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