Fctory.Io lends a hand through its call for contributions to produce artificial limbs for victims of the Ukrainian war


Kyrylo Andriushchenko’s company Fctory.io is taking proactive steps to give war victims a normal life by developing prosthetics for amputees

Dozens of confirmed cases of amputation of Ukrainian war victims are surging on social media and many more go unreported. Adjusting to a normal life after the war will be difficult, but will be more difficult for the victims who have lost their members and even their families. It is essential that proactive measures are taken by government organizations, NGOs and the general public to provide a lasting solution.

Kyrylo Andriushchenko, a passionate philanthropist, took the bull by the horns by creating an online platform to defend this cause of rehabilitation of victims, in particular amputees. His idea is to equip the prostheses with electronics, to domicile its production in Ukraine to facilitate the maintenance of the bionic limbs and reduce the repair time from a few months to a few days. The prosthetics factory will be located in Odessa near the seaport and will ease the pressure of logistics. Clients’ offices will be located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, 12-20 hours away, ensuring that all bionic prostheses are promptly delivered to patients.

On the website, Kyrylo details the duration of this major project, including the amount of funds needed to make this dream a success. Factory io seeks to work closely with government, charitable foundations and insurance agencies to find amputation victims. It also graphically explains the distribution of donated funds on the website; with factory services, marketing, patent and licensing fees, rehabilitation centers and many other sub-sectors covered. Donations for the project are possible through PayPal, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and general crowdfunding.

For more information, please visit https://fctory.io

About Factory.io

Fctory.io is a Ukrainian social startup project that is preparing to build a prosthetic factory to help Ukrainians injured at the end of the war. The aftermath of war will leave many people without limbs, but Fctory.io is creating a society that will help victims lead normal lives by equipping them with free bionic weapons.

Media Contact
Company Name: Factory.io
Contact: Kyrylo Andriushchenko
E-mail: Send an email
The country: Ukraine
Website: https://fctory.io


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