Low COVID numbers are proof Bryan can fully open up tourism


Looking at the COVID-19 positives reported during the second quarter (April to June 2022), Cayman has seen relatively low numbers, with just a small spike here and there. This is a signal that healthcare professionals, businesses, and the Cayman government are likely doing a reasonable job of getting the message out about COVID-19 prevention, including how people should continue to stay safe. It’s also an invitation for Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan to, perhaps, discuss with his fellow Minister of Health, Sabrina Turner, how to fully open up Cayman with near-zero restrictions, not to because of industry pressure to do so, but because it makes sense to do so.

The time has come

The time has come because, based on the facts, COVID-19 positives have fallen from peaks in the hundreds in the past two months to just 38 on June 12 and 63 on June 13 (according to the latest figures published on June 14 by Public Health/Ministry of Health and Welfare).

The total number of estimated active cases also fell from 1,765 on May 18 to 984 on June 14, which is a considerable decrease from last month.

The number of hospitalizations attributed to COVID-19 has also been generally low, with seven people hospitalized as of June 14.

Regional comparison

By comparing Bryan’s potential actions in the best interest of the country to the policies of other countries in the region, they are determined to get their industries, especially the hospitality sector, back up and running. So they removed some restrictions. This includes easing mask requirements in most places, with the exception of hospitals where it makes sense to keep the mask requirement. There’s no reason Bryan, along with his colleagues, can’t take a similar approach.

Cooperation needed for near-zero restrictions

In order for the idea of ​​near-zero work restrictions and for Bryan to move on to the next steps, residents and visitors must continue to do their part, which is to get tested every time they present symptoms of COVID-19 and isolate themselves, limiting their exposure to others. . Good hygiene practices should also continue – keeping surfaces clean, washing hands, i.e. no one should become complacent.

By emphasizing education, personal responsibility, and good self-government, people can also feel more empowered and willing to do the right thing (report results). If Bryan and his team maintain this focus, it will be an entirely different approach to creating an environment of fear or threats of imprisonment for breaking the rules and quarantine, which sometimes has the opposite effect of preventing people from getting tested or not reporting their positive results. The idea can really work… if Bryan has the cooperation and support of the public.


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