New Ethanol Level Authorization Affects Small Engine Owners


JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – The smell of freshly cut grass means it’s summer, but the lawnmower to get there needs gas.

The Biden administration recently allowed continuation of E-15 gas this summer.

The clearance comes as the administration tries to ease the pain at the pump.

This amount is generally prohibited in the United States from June to September.

“First of all, ethanol is not good for our small engines,” said Donnie Reams, director at Ace Hardware.

While it might help your pockets, it could hurt your boat, lawnmower, or weedkiller.

Reams said small engines should not use ethanol fuel and especially not above a certain percentage.

“Most engines are recommended for no more than 10% ethanol and I feel like that 15% could really cause a lot of problems for small engines,” he said.

Reams said customers should use a gas conditioner to help absorb the water that ethanol brings into the engine.

He said the effects of ethanol can tear pipes and plastic.

“Some stations in the city carry non-ethanol fuel, which is a very high octane fuel,” Reams said. “It’s probably the most expensive fuel of the lot. But if a person can go there. They’ll be better off. »

President Biden said it was only temporary as they were trying to bring gas prices down.

Under former President Trump in 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency extended a waiver allowing year-round sales of E15 gasoline.

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