Steve On…Government $10,000 Student Loan Payments | Local


So we have critics of the student loan forgiveness program, and the rebuttals are that we often pay for things we may not be using, like a childless person helping fund education. Yes, there is some truth in that.

However, student debt is not like that. Student debt is a choice. You don’t have to have it. You must have health care, and so it should be socialized. We should pay for health care collectively. We should pay for a basic level of education, and we do.

But college is optional. And more than that, the amount of debt is completely up to you. You can complain about your 200,000 in debt for an English degree, but no one forced you out of state for 4 years. If you haven’t taken any steps to minimize the cost of a school or gain value, then why can others be expected to cover the cost? You can get this degree in the state for a fraction of the cost.

The problem many have with government grants is the value proposition. We talk about handing out money as if it were a need or some level of equity, when we do it without looking at the value of that dollar. If someone chooses, of their own free will, to leave their state, a state with very viable local options, to go and live somewhere else, borrow money to do so, and voluntarily pay tuition outside of the state, why should I pity them?

I will socialize health care all day. Nobody volunteers for cancer, a broken leg or any other health problem. A basic level of education? Yes.

But now, an election season to win votes by paying for bad decision-making? No. It’s absurd. Across the country, there are states that take tax dollars and establish colleges in those states, and provide benefits to residents who go there. Many are already getting thousands of free students through Pell Grants, and many states are offering a ton of discounts and even free school to residents. But what if you ignored all that, chose to live in another state, pay high tuition, take out loans to pay for your room and board, and now get $10,000 free? It’s not about fairness, its vote buying.

I’ll gladly double it for anyone who went to public school, state rates, and became a vital position, like a teacher or a nurse. Choosing to pay significantly larger sums in another state when countless local options exist does not make you a victim or worthy or free money.

It is simply a political ploy during an election period.


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