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Highly infectious ‘canine cough’ spreads in South FloridaA highly contagious disease is spreading among dogs in South Florida.

The price of eggs is expected to increase in the coming weeks due to the outbreak of avian fluSo far, bird flu has been detected in wild birds and commercial and backyard poultry in 24 states. Florida is not one of these states.

Oil executives appeared before the House committee on Wednesday for the second time in six monthsCBS4’s Skyler Henry reports that the hearing was a turn-based blame game. And no matter how you slice it, Americans always pay more at the pump.

FDA vaccine chief: At least three factors could contribute to another major wave of COVID this fall and winter“The virus, which has shown the ability to change over time to evade our immune system, will have had at least another six months to evolve further,” said Dr Peter Marks.

Changing the last call on Miami Beach?According to CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald, the city commission is meeting to consider proposals that could change the way nightlife works.

Miami-Dade’s Black Affairs Advisory Council wants to make sure Memorial Day weekend is safeCBS4’s Ashley Dyer reports that the board said one of the main issues is the massive crowds partying in the streets.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue holds traditional ‘push ceremonies’ for new advanced survival trucksThe “Push-In Ceremony” fire truck is a tradition that dates back to the late 1800s when fire engines were pulled by horses.

Miami Fire Rescue pulled an exhausted dog from the canalThe crew goes to see if the dog has a chip to try to locate if it has an owner.

Hammerhead shark carcass washes up on Pompano BeachWe are still awaiting news from the FWC on what may have happened to the 11ft apex predator.

Student Loan Repayment Break ExtendedThe Biden administration on Wednesday announced an extension to the federal student loan payment pause, delaying student loan repayments until August 31. The payment break was previously scheduled to end on May 1.

US and European allies increase economic pressure on Russia againCBS4’s Natalie Brand reports that the Pentagon says the atrocities in the town of Bucha appear to be premeditated.

Pembroke Pines Police locate missing Gattorno’s second brotherJonah was safely picked up by Hollywood police on Monday afternoon, but Nicholas swam across a canal while escaping authorities.

Motion to vacate trial in Parkland school shooter’s penalty trial denied by defenseCBS4’s Joan Murray reports that Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer gave them the opportunity to file the case Wednesday morning after a problem arose during the jury selection process on Tuesday.

EXTRA WEB: Cops rescue puppies from burning housePUPPIES RESCUED: Police have rescued a litter of puppies from a burning house in Arizona. The Glendale Police Department released body camera footage of the rescue.

Only On 4: Man accused of raping woman arrested at MIACBS4’s Ted Scouten reports that 28-year-old Fernando Avila Hernandez is accused of raping the 28-year-old woman as he drove her to a hotel in Miramar on March 29.

EXTRA WEB: Hundreds of candles lit in Lviv, Ukraine to honor those killed in warPeople gathered in Lviv to honor the civilians who have been killed since Russia invaded Ukraine. On Tuesday (4/5), those gathered lit hundreds of blue and yellow candles.

EXTRA WEB: Pope Francis kisses the Ukrainian flagPope Francis raised and kissed a Ukrainian flag on Wednesday (4/6). He said: “It comes from the war, precisely from this martyr city, Bucha.” The pope also called for an end to the war and invited Ukrainian refugee children to stand by his side saying, “Let us not forget them, and let us not forget the Ukrainian people.”

WEB SUPPLEMENT: Runaway Bull Attacks MailboxPolice found a runaway bull attacking a mailbox in New Jersey on March 30. Police said the animal was moved to a sanctuary in Sussex County, NJ.

Crypto conference kicks off in Miami BeachMiami’s Bitcoin 2022 conference is expected to attract thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts as the city builds its reputation as one of the key places to develop blockchain technology despite its underdog status.

Port Everglades Terminal 4 is getting a makeover with DisneyPort Everglades Cruise Terminal 4 will get a Disney makeover as the move received the green light Tuesday from the Broward County Commission. Weather @ your office 4-6-22 12PMCBS4 News meteorologist Lissette Gonzalez’s weather outlook for South Florida.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tests positive for COVID-19South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Deaths from COVID-19 are downThe World Health Organization says cases and deaths worldwide are down.

Man accused of killing therapy dog ​​faces judgeChayse Billie, who was taken into police custody on Tuesday, is charged with aggravated felony animal cruelty.


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