Teacher who took out loan to pay scammers loses RM276,000


SEREMBAN: A 41-year-old teacher lost RM276,000 in a scam in Macau after she was tricked into thinking she was involved in a cheating affair.

The head of the state’s commercial crimes investigation department, Superintendent Aibee Ab Ghani, said the victim’s problems began on April 6 when she received a call from someone claiming to be from the department. of Health in Putrajaya.

“The individual first accused the victim of purchasing excessive medication from a government clinic in Ipoh from March 1-28.

“The call was then apparently transferred to the Perak police contingent to allow the victim to file a complaint,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Superintendent Aibee said a ‘police officer’ then told the victim she was involved in a cheating affair with a ‘Tan Boon Huat’, who has since been jailed.

The so-called cop told the victim that when the police raided Tan’s home, they also found a debit card belonging to the victim.

“He then accused the victim of accepting RM273,000 from Tan but told her to keep it confidential or else she would be arrested.

“The call was then transferred to an inspector who then questioned the victim about his savings and bank accounts,” he said.

The victim was then ordered to transfer money to several accounts to allow police and auditors to investigate the matter.

Superintendent Aibee said the victim then began transferring money to the accounts from April 11 to April 29.

She also took bank loans totaling RM131,000 and even borrowed RM90,000 from a friend.

The victim only realized she had been scammed on April 29 when she was unable to contact the “inspector” despite repeated attempts.

Superintendent Aibee said the case was being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating, an offense punishable by prison terms of one to 10 years, lashes and a fine, if convicted.


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