The untold story behind President Biden’s low job endorsement count

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The Americans, who according to one new poll from Quinnipiac University are unhappy with President Biden, have forgotten how bad things got under his predecessor.

Quinnipiac has Biden’s job approval at 33%, tying the record low that was measured in January.

In that time, and even going back to last January when Biden took office, not a single tweet from Biden expressing solidarity with a dictator.

No call for the dissolution of our post-WWII security alliances.

He didn’t make fun of people with disabilities, didn’t offer kind words to racists, threatened to cut federal funding to any state or major city whose political leaders stung him that morning.

Inflation is a problem – not just here, mind you; in the UK it is at its highest level in 30 years.

There is a war going on in Europe that you may have heard of. Former President Trump’s friend Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in what Trump called a “genius” move.

One million Americans have died from COVID. The pressure on the rest of us is evident after two years of our lives turned upside down by the pandemic.

Everything is interrelated, if you haven’t already noticed.

And, bad news for about 67% of you, no simple solution for any of this.

Maybe that’s what some of you liked so much about Trump.

Not that he fixed anything, but that he said he could, with a snap of his fingers.

Biden, like any decent person, falters because he tells you that big issues take a lot of work from a lot of people.

Who wants that, right?

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