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SAN JOSE, Calif. (KION) The increase in COVID-19 cases is not stopping the rush for vacation travel. The Transportation Security Administration says it has checked more than 2 million passengers per day since Friday, December 17. That’s about 1 million more travelers per day compared to 2020. But that’s below pre-pandemic figures.

Still, it was a scramble at San Jose International Airport on Tuesday as people began to take off to visit families after another long pandemic year.

“I’ve been on a plane once since the pandemic,” said Martha Beal, who visits family in San Jose from San Diego. “I was energized. And we can’t wait to be with our grandsons and everyone.”

San Jose International Airport expects Wednesday and Thursday to be their busiest travel days this week as people return home for the holidays.

But with the surge in COVID cases around the world, international travel has become more difficult for some. The CDC on Monday added eight countries to its high-risk category.

“If you are not vaccinated I would say traveling is really not a good idea. Because you are now in a very vulnerable place with Omicron,” said Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, on Face the Nation. .

The Omicron variant has now been detected in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties, but not yet in Monterey or San Benito. Many people we spoke to at the airport say that concerns about the variant don’t slow them down.

“I’m not really, but I guess so, because it’s kind of like shutting everything down again,” said Brandon, who is visiting his brother for Christmas.

“We came back from Universal Studios to Burbank. We went on vacation, took the kids out,” said Alex from San Jose. “We take precautions, we do the basics and so on. So no, we’re not really worried about that.

For those who haven’t traveled for a while, the airport reminds people to:

  • Get to the airport early, two hours for domestic travel and three hours for international travel.
  • Make parking reservations online in advance.
  • And remember, masks are mandatory to fly.

Some airlines also offer onsite COVID testing for those who want to make sure they can travel safely before taking off.

The airport said there had been no major delays so far, but that could change as more rain hits the area. It is always important to check the status of your flight before you drive to the airport.


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