When will NY owners get new STAR Refund Checks?


The state tax department mailed about 1 million STAR refund checks Monday.

That’s about half of the eligible homeowners in upstate New York.

Other eligible homeowners are expected to receive the check in early July, according to tax spokesman James Gazzale.

Governor Kathy Hochul and state lawmakers approved the special reimbursement program earlier this year as part of the state budget. In January, Hochul said the money would arrive in the fall. Instead, the money arrives in June – in time for the Democratic primary election.

The check is for homeowners who qualify for the usual STAR tax relief and earn less than $250,000 a year. The average benefit in upstate New York is $970.

The program cost the state $2.2 billion.

The check is a payment in addition to the usual STAR, or school tax relief payment. This check comes weeks before school taxes are due, in September in the suburbs and in July in the city of Syracuse. Homeowners do not need to request the refund check. The tax department uses tax returns to determine eligibility. The ministry began sending checks to homeowners whose eligibility was easiest to determine.

This is different from other programs, where checks were distributed by community. So if your neighbor receives a check, yours could still be mailed. There is no search available. The state’s call center also doesn’t have information on when your check will arrive, according to the website.

The state has an online calculator that homeowners can use to estimate how much they will receive.

This is a relaunch of a discount program that expired in 2019. It only lasts for one year.

The program is called the “Homeowners Tax Rebate”.

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